Theresa McCoy

Director of Marketing

Theresa is the Director of Marketing for the firm, as well as IT Systems Administrator. She began her work in the Information Technologies field in 1990 with MicroAge Computers--focusing on database design, network administration, programming, security and technical training. Theresa joined KDP in 2009 as their IT Director and was subsequently engaged as head of Marketing for KDP in 2011.

Theresa grew up in Ashland, Oregon and studied music at University of Oregon, eventually achieving her Bachelor of Music Performance degree from California State University, Northridge.  During and after college she worked for many years as a free-lance musician in the Los Angeles area.  She has worked with such musical greats as Quincy Jones, Donna Summer and Bernadette Peters, and has recorded on many film scores, music CDs and digital releases.  She began her career in technology and marketing after returning to the Rogue Valley with her husband to raise a family.

In her off time, Theresa plays timpani for the Rogue Valley Symphony, extra percussion for the Britt Festival Orchestra, and drums & percussion with various musical groups in the Rogue Valley. She enjoys bicycling, traveling, reading, painting and spending time with her husband, Sean—especially on the Oregon coast.