KDP Client File Transfer Service Instructions

To use CFT, please note the following:

  1. Click the LOGIN TO CFT link below.

  2. The  KDP Client File Transfer Login window appears.                     
    • If the Login window does not appear, make sure your pop-up blocker allows pop-ups from us.                          
      •  Internet Explorer, Tools, Options, Privacy Tab, Pop-Up Blocker, Settings, add

  3. Login to your account using the Username & Password we provided you.                     
    • The first time you log into your account, you will be prompted to enter a new password.
    • paSSwordS are case sensitive

  4. Once logged into your account you will be able to:                     
    • Update your personal information.                         
      • Please do not change your Company Name or FAX Number.
      • If your email address changes, please call us, and we will update your account.                             
        • Please do not change your email address yourself!
    • Upload (i.e.YOU send KDCO a file) up to 10 files at a time, not exceeding 100MB total.                         
      • You can upload any type of file.
      • The time it takes to upload files is based upon your ISP  UPLOAD (not DOWNLOAD) speed limit & internet “traffic”.                             
        • KDP suggests using a HIGH SPEED internet connection using this service.
      • Anytime you upload a file to your account, our IT Manager and your Accountant is automatically notified that you did so.
      • Once a file has been accepted (KDCO downloads it from your account), it will be removed from your account and you will no longer see it.
    • Download (i.e. KDP sends you a file) your available files. This would be any file we are returning to you after we have worked on it.                         
      • You will automatically receive an email from our IT Manager, Theresa McCoy, with the subject “ICFile Upload” when a new file has been added to your account.                             
        • It is important that we have your current email address on file for you to receive these notifications.                                 
          • If your email address changes, please notify us so we can update your account.
          • Please do not change the email address on your own.
        • If you have a email spam filter, you will want to allow these emails to go directly to your inbox.
      • The time it takes to download files is based upon your ISP DOWNLOAD (not UPLOAD) speed limit & internet “traffic”.
      • Documents will be available to you for (3) business days from when KDP places them in your account. After that time, they will be deleted. 
    • View the documents that are available ONLY TO YOU for viewing or download.