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Strategies for retaining your IT staff

In a tight labor market, companies need to develop strategies for retaining their IT staff. Here are five strategies that companies can use to keep their IT departments intact.

4 Common Depreciation Methods and Their Uses

Depreciation is the accounting concept that evaluates an asset’s useful life. As the Internal Revenue Service explains, depreciable property – which could include equipment, structures, means

How Businesses Can Mitigate Inflation & Maintain Pricing Power

Whether it’s tariffs, trade wars, or post-pandemic inflation caused by kink-ridden supply chains and what many experts believe to be excess money printing, inflation is an insidious drag on

CHIPS Act of 2022: Tax incentives for semiconductor manufacturers

The CHIPS Act of 2022 funds grants and a new federal income tax credit to facilitate domestic manufacture of semiconductors.

Payroll employment returns to pre-pandemic levels

The U.S. unemployment rate now stands at 3.458%, the lowest rate in 50 years and one that many of us will most likely not observe again in our career arcs.

Multigenerational wealth planning: A guide to do’s and don’ts

Estate succession planning guide for multigenerational wealth and prioritizing grantor intent

Preparing your business for an exit

Selling your business is a significant undertaking that requires foresight, thoughtful planning, and an honest look at you and your business. If done correctly, it is an exciting time that results

The return of king dollar

The return of inflation, interest rate differentials and a quickly changing geopolitical landscape are behind the recent surge in the value of the American dollar.

Measuring the Margins

< Back to Insights Gallery ARTICLE | July 27, 2022 Measuring the Margins Authored by Service2Client Corporate profits, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, grew by $20.4 billion in the

Is a Roth IRA Conversion Right for You?

If you have a traditional IRA, you may want to consider converting to a Roth IRA. Learn about the difference between a traditional and Roth IRA, the costs of converting, and how to determine if'

Auditing services for the growing private company

With big plans for the future, growing private companies need an auditor with the experience and insights to take the journey with them.

Bridging the gap in cybersecurity and M&A

The pandemic created new challenges for cybersecurity. Achieving operational excellence in cybersecurity means pushing for resources and leadership buy-in.