To use KDP Remote Support, please note the following:

Please call us at (541) 773-6633 and let us know that you need remote support.

After clicking on the Remote Support button at left: 

  1. CLICK RUN or OPEN on all windows that appear.
  2. If your Firewall pops up a message,  click ALLOW, OK, CONTINUE or YES.

A Rescue Gateway window appears indicating you are waiting for a technician.

  • If you don’t see this window, check your task bar for a  cross in a blue circle  that says “KDP Certified Public Accountants”, and click on it.
  • If you don’t see the  cross in a blue circle, please verify that you performed steps 1 & 2 correctly.

Your support representative will connect to your computer within a few moments.

Please note: 

  • Any software downloaded and installed in step 1 above will automatically be deleted once your support session has ended.
  • Once a support session has ended, KDP cannot regain access to your computer unless you request another support session.