Our audit team represents a valuable mix of professionals who have expertise being both auditors and industry professionals. We know what it is like to be audited and believe this separates us from our competitors. We are committed to serving private companies, family businesses, not-for-profits, local governments, and other similar entities.

Governmental & Not-For-Profits

Volatile political and economic changes can make the management of a tight budget while maintaining services a challenge for any administrator. At KDP, we have the technical expertise you need to help you meet governmental compliance requirements as well as the cross industry experience to help you find creative ways to meet your budget challenges.

For Profit Assurance

At KDP, we work with clients to improve their overall financial reporting processes and to help them better understand their business. We know that your company is looking for the most efficient and effective high-quality audit that you can get. KDP’s audit approach is designed to foster efficiency, communication and quality during the engagement process. While this may sound simple, we believe this approach allows us to deliver peace-of-mind, value and high-quality service to our clients.


Mark E. Damon, CPA, MACC

Managing Partner

Windi Martin, CPA

For-Profit Practice Leader, Partner

Jeny Grupe, CPA

Governmental & Non-Profit Practice Leader, Partner

Aria Bettinger, CPA

Governmental & Non-Profit Partner

Don Ewalt, CPA

Governmental & Non-Profit Partner

Abe Grupe

Chief Information Officer

Jessica Parker, CPA, CITP, CIPM

Director of SOC

Kathy Kirkeby, CPA

For Profit Senior Director

Benjamin Cohn, CPA

Governmental & Non-Profit Senior Manager

Andrew Sherwood, CPA

Governmental & Non-Profit
Senior Manager

Shannon Snook

Governmental & Non-Profit Manager

Ian Melton, CPA