Our Business Valuation services help you make decisions confidently while providing insight into key issues associated with your particular engagement. Our professionals use their specialized skills and knowledge of business and industry to provide insights that ultimately translates critical and complex issues and transactions into opportunities for growth, sustainability and long-term advantage.

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The process of valuing a business including its associated assets involves extensive data gathering from both internal and external sources. We interview business owners or officer(s), tour facilities and review historical and projected financial information. We analyze the environment within which the business operates, including economic and industry conditions and the competitive forces to determine the impact on future prospects for the company. Furthermore, we research the marketplace for industry standards and guideline companies, similar transactions and other data to provide comparisons with the subject business.

Throughout each engagement, our valuation experts work closely with the business owners, attorneys, financial advisors, and others to ensure we understand the purpose and scope of the engagement, the business value drivers and the impact of potential threats. In addition, we continually monitor statutory authorities, administrative rulings and judicial proceedings for compliance with regulatory and professional standards. We are committed to providing a credible and reliable finished work product.

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  • Presents an independent, objective, credible, well-researched and documented report based on accepted standards of professional practice.
  • Arrives at a value or range of value using established methodologies and techniques that are recognized by the profession and which are defensible in a judicial setting.
  • Provides assurance that the valuator meets the highest possible professional standards.
  • Provides supportable documentation for a variety of situations.
  • Potentially reduces litigation exposure by presenting clear, complete and understandable results.


From equity to capital assets, real estate portfolios, intellectual property, intangible assets and securities, our Business Valuation specialists help our clients quantify, manage and build value. We approach every valuation with confidentiality and objectivity. Further, no matter what the purpose of your particular valuation, the engagement will always be performed with competence and independence.

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Asset-Holding Companies
  • Financial Services Firms
  • Wholesalers/Retailers
  • Technology Companies
  • Distributors
  • Health Care Practices
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Consumer Durables Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Auto Dealerships

Business Valuation Methods

Business valuation is typically based on three major methods: the income approach, the asset approach and the market (comparable sales) approach. Among the income approaches is the discounted cash flow methodology calculating the net present value (‘NPV’) of future cash flows for an enterprise. As an alternative to the more abbreviated income capitalization approach, this methodology is more relevant where future operating conditions and cash flows are variable or not projected to be materially consistent with current performance levels.