Our team of CPA professionals has over 30 years of auditing and accounting experience when it comes to the State and Local Government industry. We focus on municipal governments, school districts and charter schools, special districts, and other local governments. We are here all year round to provide you advice and services by creating a support system you can use to make fully informed and effective decisions. We specialize in, but are not limited to: audit and accounting services, OMB Circular A-133 federal compliance audits, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR), internal control process reviews, agreed-upon procedures, and special projects.


Our staff has a deep-rooted understanding of various  agricultural industries. We recognize the unique circumstances and challenges you face, including family/employee relationships, day-to-day  operations, and tax implications resulting from the decisions you must make. Our firm offers general practice advice, assists with business structure, and  handles both inheritance tax and capital gain tax planning. Give us a call to  find out how we can help you with your agriculture accounting.


Our firm serves many of the top local construction and real estate firms many of which are closely held family businesses. In addition to traditional accounting and tax services, we address key industry issues to help  you seize business opportunities, analyze risk, defer taxation, and develop  your business potential. Give us a call to discuss your construction accounting  needs.


Family-owned  businesses have a unique set of accounting and tax requirements. KDP’s  team is well versed in the complexities of this business structure and has a  clear understanding of the pertinent details necessary to provide accurate  financial information that’s needed to facilitate the day-to-day operations. We  understand that when dealing with family members, each personality within a  family business has a voice and a personal investment in the overall success of  the company. We look at your family business as if it is our own and make  recommendations that we feel will benefit the business in the short- and  long-term.


The local health care community (hospitals, medical and dental practices, and long-term care providers) has come to rely on our firm for a variety of services, including reviewing and compiling  financial statements, income tax returns, HUD audits, cash flow projections, and other specialized services. Our staff is known for ingenuity when it comes to  developing income allocation methodology. Count on us to partner with you for  financial success. We know that financial reporting is often time-sensitive and  pride ourselves on issuing timely and accurate reports to make sure you are  equipped to make the business decisions you need to run a successful medical practice or health care facility.


KDP serves a number of diverse small and mid-sized manufacturing companies.  We understand manufacturing needs and can help you with product costing,  reporting, and accounting to improve process performance and effectively manage  manufacturing costs. Our firm is also equipped to guide you through the tax  issues and opportunities that relate to the manufacturing industry, including:  uniform capitalization rules, segmented depreciation, and the domestic manufacturing deduction.


In the Northwest’s rapidly  developing technology race, KDP will help you get ahead. Let us take care of your bookkeeping and taxation services, reviews, and consulting so that you can concentrate on your market demands. Whether you are in manufacturing, retail, software development, website design, or consulting/support, our firm  will work with you to accomplish your business goals, both now and well into  the future.


At  KDP, we work with both segments of the distribution chain in order to help you to establish efficient accounting systems that translate to the bottom  line. Working together with our eyes on the prize, we aim to ensure your  company’s short- and long-term profitability by making sure you have the best  software available to your industry and advising you on the necessary  accounting requirements and best practices for your unique niche.


Just as your not-for-profit organization has a mission,  so do we. We are determined to help you reach your unique goals. We have worked  with all kinds of charitable organizations, providing taxation, assurance, and consulting services. Let us assist you in maximizing your service to others by  focusing on your tax, compliance, or accounting needs. We want to help you  operate more efficiently because we share your desire to make a difference in  the lives of our neighbors and our world.


The  automotive industry is facing many issues today that it has not seen in the  past and we’ve been there through it all. With decades of experience dealing  with the unique issues faced by automotive companies, KDP Certified Public Accountants, LLP has the knowledge to help you focus on solutions to your challenges,  especially with respect to income tax planning and compliance. Give us a call,  we would be happy to meet with you, listen to your automotive accounting  objectives, and help steer you on the road to reaching them.