Kristina West


Kristina West joined the KDP Wealth Management team in 2018 as a Financial Services Administrator, with almost no experience in finance. From a very young age Kristina has felt a persistent need to help others. She recalls an experience from her early childhood where she witnessed an elderly man sitting outside of a local restaurant with a sign and with the help of her mother, she purchased a meal for the man. The look of pure gratitude that she saw in his eyes that day has remained with her throughout the years, and since that moment, Kristina realized the absolute joy and sense of fulfillment that can be found in helping others.

Upon completion of her bachelor’s degree at Portland State University, Kristina worked in security and case management in a re-entry center, helping federal inmates learn to re-integrate into society after serving a prison sentence. Among her various responsibilities there, Kristina facilitated a course for the residents each week, providing support and discussion opportunities regarding the many challenges long-time inmates face during the transition process. The experience Kristina gained during her employment at the re-entry center was incredibly valuable, however a need to be closer to her family led her to Southern Oregon.

After continuing her work in social services in the Rogue Valley, Kristina decided she wanted to take her career in a different direction, still focusing on her yearning to make a difference in the lives of those around her. With zeal and persistence, Kristina pursued an opportunity to be employed with KDP Wealth Management. Kristina is absolutely thrilled to be a part of the KDP team, and loves the opportunity to learn and grow within the financial services industry. She is insurance licensed and has also obtained her Accredited Asset Management Specialist® designation. She is looking forward to continuing to advance her career with on-the-job training and further licensing.

When she is not working, Kristina loves to spend time with her husband and high-school sweetheart, Danny, and their two dogs, Sully and Wyatt. Kristina is part of a very close-knit family and jumps at any opportunity to visit with her parents, sisters, niece and nephews.